Game Fairy Light Adventure Ver 2.6.6 MOD God Mode | Unlimited Mana

Information and Requirements:

Info Mod

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Mana

Images in Game:


Welcome to Fairy Light Adventure! In this arcade platformer game you can play for characters from the Fairy Tail anime!

You have to go through a tart path for the protagonist Jellal Fernandes. The ways of the heroes of the game are not simple. On them you will meet your rivals in the form of Jose and Totomaru. in the end, going to get to the truth, you will fight with the mighty Erigor.

«Game Features»
★Seventeen levels
★ New Story-Line
★ Protagonist Jellal and Erza
★ Achievements for each Anime
★ Only pain! Only hardcore!

■ Too hard or too easy? Write me an email to [email protected] and New characters of your choice will be added! Just like that!

This adventure place in fairy tail It's more challenging and fun than it seems!

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