App Garena Liên Quân Mobile v1.30.2.3 MOD FULL SKIN


App: Liên Quân Mobile Mod Skin
Internet: Yes
Obb: No
Root: No
Editor: AE M9 - ShareTeam

Việt Sub:
Đây là một ứng dụng chuyên chỉnh sửa trang phục, bản đồ, âm thanh, hiệu ứng trong game Liên Quân Mobile (Arena of valor). Khác với các phần mềm HACK khác, ứng dụng này chỉ mang tính chất tự sướng cho gamer chứ không làm thay đổi kết quả trận đấu cũng như ảnh hưởng tới người chơi khác trong game.
Ứng dụng MIỄN PHÍ nên bạn có thể tự do chia sẻ cho bạn bè và người thân.

Arena LEGENDARY - victory or defeat IN SKILLS!
Closely together on a whole new arena 5v5 & Free!

Asserting itself, alongside teammates, challenge other players millions through countless wars or extreme arena 5v5 online legendary Union Military 5v5 MOBA Mobile Esports - victory or defeat in skill! Battle system detects less than 10 seconds, the game changes dramatically blitz, the results under 10 minutes to win. Join game completely free with warehouse Minister medium or medium quality from countless myths internationally, moves the virtual signature full of diversity, tactical variations endless ... and so many points quintessential super cool design derived from the legendary game popular MOBA Esports best PC world.

Select the right one physical medium or medium nickname, join legendary world 5v5 MOBA Esports Contact Free Mobile Forces - Blockbuster next Garena - and making the whole world knows your name!


Spoiler: For non-root MODs (APK)
  1. Remove original game
  2. If you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it.​
  3. Download modded APK
  4. Install modded APK
  5. Enjoy!
  • Google+ login possible? No.
  • Facebook login possible? Yes. But remove your facebook app from device.
  • Specific game account login possible (for example: HIVE)? Yes.

Spoiler: For Game have OBB or DATA
  1. Download OBB files or DATA files and extract files zip
  2. Download mod APK
  3. Move OBB Files ( folder) to Android/OBB folder in your device
  4. Or move Data files ( folder) to Android/data folder in your device
  5. Install mod APK
  6. Enjoy!



Fanpage: Hot Game Plus
Group: Game Free - Download Free Apk Mod

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