Game Chicken Tsunami Ver 1,3


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Info Mod

  • Unlimited Money & Eggs

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Why do people play this Chicken Tsunami game? BEAK-cause they love it!

And because Cuckoo The Chicken is a one cool chick magnet!

Chicken Tsunami is an awesome side-scrolling game that challenges you to tap, hold, and swipe your mobile device screen. Why? To jump from platform to platform to collect epic power-ups! Use these to defeat your enemies or to overcome most obstacles.

Note: falling into the abyss is considered a party-foul-fail, you should avoid this because it's not polite to flip the bird. And also, because that brings you closer to “Game Over”

Evolve your chickens and multiply them to get amazing benefits. More chickens = more chance of survival. Speaking of benefits, power-ups are plentiful and easy to acquire. Collect eggs to hatch more Cuckoo Chickens. Use the Corn bits you find on your run to buy cool items and buffs in the store. Oh, and if you happen to find a Whole Corn cob, that will score you 20 corn bits, so don’t miss those!

With whimsical graphics and effect, this all-ages game will be sure to please the whole family. (Even your crazy aunt Beatrice! As soon as you help her find her invisible cat.)

- Addicting side-scrolling adventure across various epic locations
- Challenging obstacles and foes that will test your reflexes
- Hunt for worms containing Secret Abilities that will enhance your experience
- Unleash Cuckoo's true power as you acquire corns
- Run in style by customizing your chicken
- Earn bonuses by catching the Golden Egg and completing missions
- Hundreds of gears and skins to collect!

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