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CSCopy and run multiple accounts at the same time on the same application, and use the interface to make your space unique.

Log in to multiple social media accounts or multiple game accounts at once
• Easily balance your work and life
• Experience two games and much more fun
• Support virtually all applications use

Hide application program your favorite, hidden on the mobile phone of you
• Enjoy applications your favorites without friends or your colleagues annoy

Create a space customized Unique by applying the interface
• An interface store is integrated in Parallel Space and a list of customized themes is ready for users to style their own space.
• To create unique spaces with a customized interface. Users can quickly switch between different interfaces with one touch to suit their mood.

• Powerful and stable while very easy to use
• Unique: Parallel Space on MultiDroid platform, the first application virtual tool on Android.

Things to note:
• Commitment: The commitment request by Parallel Space is applied by all application programs running inside. For example, if location commitment is removed, then you cannot send your location to your friends from some APP in Parallel Space
• Depletion in memory, battery and network traffic by Parallel Space used by various application programs that run in it. You can check them in Storage or Task Manager in Control Center in Parallel Space.
• Add Parallel Space when the list or exception list in the backup application program to keep track of social networking application programs like receiving timely messages.
• Assuming becoming a different phone number from the main account while trying to log in to certain APPs in Parallel Space for the first time, and that is ready to get a moderation code. Remember that two versions of the same phone number cannot be online at the same time

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