Game Super Tank Stars - Arcade Battle City Shooter Ver 1.05.0 MOD Unlimited Coin | Unlimited XP | No ADS


Information and Requirements:

Info Mod

  • Unlimited Coin
  • Unlimited XP
  • No ADS

Images in Game:


Classic Arcade game remade for Mobile!
Shoot, blast and destroy your way through the ever-changing maps of SuperTanks.
Dungeon crawler style gameplay - see how far you can go.
Random and unique skills to help you clear stages
Protect your base at all cost.
If you fail, you lose.
Never stop!

Complete as many stages as you can! Easy to play but hard to master!

Game Features:
🕹️ Free to play
🕹️ 70+ nostalgic levels
🕹️ Cool new graphics
🕹️ Checkpoint system
🕹️ Dungeon crawler gameplay
🕹️ Easy controls
🕹️ Advanced user interface
🕹️ Amazing powerups
🕹️ Plan your ambush by sneaking under grass or attacking head on
🕹️ Shoot bricks to break them
🕹️ Use steel for cover
🕹️ Make new high scores
🕹️ Play and equip yourself with powerups to increase your stats
🕹️ More levels, powerups and tougher enemies to deal with

Game Rules:
🕹️Defend your base at all costs
🕹️Pick powerups to your advantage
🕹️Your tank has only 3 lives
🕹️Destroy enemy tanks to score points
🕹️Game gets over and high score resets when you lose all 3 lives
🕹️Destroying all the enemy tanks clears the level

The more you progress, the more challenging it gets.
Enjoy creating countless combination of unique skills all designed to help you combat!
Relive the nostalgia of the most popular 90's arcade game on your personal mobile device!

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