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Information and Requirements:

  • Requirement: Android 4.0+
  • Current version:
  • Size: 71 MB
  • CH Play: Link Original
  • Internet: No
  • Root: No
  • Credit: KingTrauMa - Share Mod Team

Info Mod

  • Can Always Watch Ads For Rewards

Images in Game:


Hidden behind an art gallery mural, the Mystic Jungle was once a tranquil, blissful land—until a stampede of rampaging monsters turned up! Defeat the Dragon, leader of the monsters, and bring peace back to the world.
Monster Chasers is Machbird Studio's first casual action-adventure game, offering a 3D pixel art style, dungeon exploring. Advanced touchscreen technology and dynamic physic mechanisms are used to construct an immersive, authentic world, in which you can hunt to your heart's content by running around to seek the best angle to fire at monsters. Tons of levels can be unlocked, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping jungle adventure like no other!
The game is compatible with all device models. Master the usage of heaps of weapons and get ready to save the world in this exciting monster chase!


■ Action PvP + 3D pixel art + dungeon exploration. Everyone's welcome to join the fun!
■ Dozens of monsters in cutting-edge graphic styles await you in five challenging dungeons: Jungle Hunter, Dancing Beast, King Goldhorn, Shy Froggon, and Lord of the Jungle.
■ Smooth controls and tons of levels to clear. Lots of weapons too: Spears, flying axes, firearms and more! Different weapons must be wielded in different ways. Are your fingers ready for the blood-pumping mayhem?
■ Random weather environments also bring random wind resistance levels. Luck plays a factor in your hunting too!
■ Stunning sound effects—hear the squeals of the adorable monsters you slay, and keep an ear out for the booming thunder, falling rain, and whizzing spears!
■ Installation pack is under 90M in size. Compatible with all device types! Your game experience is guaranteed to be smooth!

Follow Machbird Studio and stay tuned for more exciting new games!
*Note: You may need to make an in-game purchase to acquire some of the items in the screenshots and the description.

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