Game Redstone2 Ver 2.2.849 MOD Attack Multiplier | Defense Multiplier | Instant Kill


Information and Requirements:

Info Mod

  • Attack Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier
  • Instant Kill

Images in Game:


The master of RPG is back on mobile

Embark on a journey into the world of adventure
Relive MMORPG with Red Stone 2

# Who do you really want to be?
- No more standard Class system!
- Choose your own Class path to raise your characters!

# Reveal your true form in crisis!
- Become your own salvation! Trust no one but yourself!
- Show your hidden powers through Transformation!

# Form the ultimate Party!
- Strategically form a party with your choice of Tanker, Dealer, or Healer
- Enjoy the essence of RPG with tactical battles!

# Join your friends for a chat!
- Gather around a bonfire and enjoy the passing scenery
- Relive the memory of RPG in Red Stone 2!

# Authority requirements (Gameplay available without consent)
1) We require the authority to distinguish mobiles for event rewards, real-time gameplay, and customer service.
2) External storage memory is required for game install and SDK recording system.
3) Mike authority required for SDK recording system.


For Non-Rooted Device to use the Signed version of this MOD you will need to install first the playstore version and login with your Google Account. After that rename the "" folder in Android/data to "", remove the playstore version, install the signed mod and rename the folder back to the original game. Enjoy playing!

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