Game Magic, Spells & Monsters Ver 1.3.007 MOD increase Currency | Mana | HP


Information and Requirements:

  • Requirement: Android 4.0+
  • Current version: 1.3.007
  • Size: 66.1 MB
  • CH Play: Link Original
  • Internet: No
  • Root: No
  • Credit: Hotgameplus - Share Mod Team

Info Mod

  • increase Currency
  • Mana
  • HP

Images in Game:


Magic, Spells & Monsters is a charming turn-based magic-fighting game that turns you into a mighty mage.

Exciting magic-system 💫
Study spells, develop your own exceptional magic and defeat terrifying fantasy monsters on your way through a manifold and mythical landscape.

Master the elements fire, earth and water by drawing your spells on the screen with gestures.

Fantastic battles 💫
The round-based combat system allows you to adapt each spell – attack, heal or buff - to your enemies.

Paint your spells on the display. The power of your magic increases with accuracy and your spell will consume less mana if you bring your drawing skills to perfection.

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