[18+] Game Ninja Maidens (Nutaku) Ver 0.6.21 MOD Free Spin | Currency


Information and Requirements:

  • Requirement: Android 4.0+
  • Current version: 0.6.21
  • Size: 96 MB
  • CH Play: Link Original
  • Internet: Yes
  • Root: No
  • Credit: Share Mod Team

Info Mod

  • Free Spin
  • Currency

Images in Game:


- 10 Girls and 30 H-scenes -
Start off your adventure with trustworthy companions! And a lot of steamy sex!

- 628 Adventures -
Complete all the adventures, get rewards, and get more girls to join your party!

- Endless Tower Challenge -
Fight your way through an increasingly difficult set of challenges! But don't worry, it's worth the trouble!

- 33 Abilities to master -
Upgrade melee, ranged and healing skills and crush the forces of Darkness!

Get new abilities from chests, the wheel of fortune or from bundles and assign them to your lovely girls!

If you change your mind, you can swap abilities whenever you want!

- Level Up your girls and upgrade Abilities -
Create perfect team and make the most out of their skills!

Move characters in the group and assign them to a good position.

Tanks kick ass in the first line, ranged units and healer give support from the back lines.
Strategy is important, so make sure you focus your efforts on the target you want to take down first!

- First-rate sex scenes -
Never a boring moment! 30 erotic scenes,10 of which animated, are sure to keep you busy!

Compelling story AND sexy times? Yes, please! Enjoy two-part scenes: half story, half sex fest!

You can unlock certain scenes by advancing the story line, or by leveling up the girls!

- Special Features and Additions -
Fight enemies based on Japanese folklore!
All female cast & girl-on-girl action will make you want to come back for more!
Get to know your girls better though the enchanting dialog, compelling story and complex character relationships!
Looking for high quality pixel art? Then this is the game for you!
Rewarding idle game mechanics!

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