Game Wonder Heroes : Endless War - Idle Clicker RPG Ver 1.8.01 MOD Unlimited Diamond | Unlimited Gold | No Ads


Information and Requirements:

  • Requirement: Android 4.0+
  • Current version: 1.8.01
  • Size: 100 MB
  • CH Play: Link Original
  • Internet: No
  • Root: No
  • Credit: Share Mod Team

Info Mod

  • Unlimited Diamond
  • Unlimited Gold
  • No Ads

Images in Game:


Collect and train an army of powerful Heroes to fight in an endless war against the hordes of evil. Tap to start quests, gather gold, and level up your Heroes. Send them into dungeons to reclaim lost relics, participate in PVP tournaments and challenges, and put together the ultimate army by wielding the magic power of Rebirth!

Wonder Heroes: Endless War Features

⚔️ Auto Idle Clicker Game ⚔️
Wonder Heroes is a mix of idle clicker RPG and RTS strategy games. Assemble your army, level up your Heroes, and command them whenever you have time. When you don't, your Wonder Heroes will automatically continue to fight and defend the peace even while you're away!

⚔️ Online PVP and Offline Battles ⚔️
Face hordes of evil monsters in the offline single-player games, or go online with PVP multiplayer! Endless RPG strategy in endless RPG games! This idle RPG is more than just an idle clicker RPG. Test your deck of Hero cards and find the best strategy to take down your opponent and make it to the top of the ranking.

⚔️ Automatic Resource Collection ⚔️
Tired of clicking, clicking, and then clicking some more? Tired of mission timers and constant babysitting? Forget about all that and focus on the endless RPG RTS game play! Wonder Heroes Endless War automatically collects resources from all active quests, even when you're idle and not paying attention. Hoard more and more gold and gems and grow your army!

⚔️ Level Up Your Army ⚔️
Like in any good idle RPG, each Hero has its own attributes, roles, and stats to play with. Through the unique character card battle level up system you can evolve each Hero from a lowly soldier to an epic warrior of Legend. This is not just an idle RPG! Level up stats, see your characters evolve, and send them to battle to defend your Kingdom!

⚔️ Create Your Own Strategy ⚔️
With 81 different character cards and 36 kinds of monsters, your strategical options are almost endless! Collect and assemble your own ultimate team of heroes by combining fire, water, earth and light elemental powers and melee, spear, ranged, or magical attacks. There's a character for each strategy in this card based RTS idle clicker game!

⚔️ Diverse Missions & Rewards ⚔️
War... War never changes. Evil monsters appear in endless hordes and the only way to end this endless war is by supporting, reinforcing and leveling up your heroes. Help your Wonder Heroes complete their endless quest by challenging dungeons and sending the troops back home out on quests in classic idle clicker RPG game play!

A thousand years ago, a wise and powerful sage sealed away the monsters that were ravaging our lands in a tear between dimensions. However, as time passed, the Kingdom got too comfortable in its new-found sense of peace to sense the danger still afoot. Monsters again roam these lands, pouring forth from a gap in the seal!
Now, more than ever before, the Kingdom needs someone who will fight the hordes of evil and take back the peace we fought so hard to achieve. But who would want such a difficult and dangerous job? Who could help stop this Endless War?

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